The Cheeky Trickster

The Ultimate Ice Breaker

Alex is a world-class sleight of hand entertainer that has been performing magic across the UK for fifteen years. Whether he's showcasing his jaw-dropping magic tricks or demonstrating how to beat the casinos, Alex does so in his own witty and cheeky way.

In addition to his clients across the corporate and retail ...


Types of Magic

Types of Magic

Walkaround Magic

The ultimate ice breaker for any event. Alex mingles through the crowd while performing the impossible for your guests - right under their …
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Stand Up Magic Show

Alex can deliver a close-up show that is highly interactive, insightful, and, most importantly, funny – best suited for when your guests …
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Trade Shows

Hire Alex Sprackling to help spread your message. Magic isn't just restricted to corporate and social events. It's also invaluable in the …
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Alex communicated well before the event, issued a contract and got the balance of circulating through the crowd right. Then a table performance...  Read more
Feb 3, 2024
Ciaran Crowe
Alex ! What a amazing amazing magician, all round great guy and total gent. He broke the ice at our party, got everyone talking and ooh and aahing...  Read more
Jan 15, 2024
Julia Mackenzie


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